Happy Birthday Sarah!

We LOVE you.

Mamma & Poppa


Last Week

So I’ve been a little busy this last week. Today we leave to go to Denver. Will spend the night with some friends and then I fly out to Salt Lake City. I’m going to Convention!!!! I’m a Stampin’ Up  Demonstrator, and for the last 3 out of 4 years I’ve gone to our convention. It is a lot of fun. Get to see what is planned for the coming year. See examples of what can be done with our products. Do make and takes. Have workshops. And hang out with some great ladies.(Will give a full report when I get back.)

One of the fun things we do at Convention is swap. It is great fun. You make card fronts and then swap them with anyone else who has made cards. They also do 3D items. This year I made 100 card fronts to swap.

Yes that’s right 100. Some ladies do a lot more. I know a lady who has done over 300.  Now for my sanity I only do 100. I do 20 cards of 5 designs. (Would be too boring to do all 100 the same.)

This year I did 2 male cards. It seems like we mostly do card for women, so I decided to try something different. Besides how could I pass up using this stamp. (My husband rides dirt bikes, for those of you don’t know.)

Second male card

I love the bird in this one.


Fun doing these flowers.

Last design.

I also made a bag to carry my swaps around in. It was fun to make,  haven’t done much sewing for a while.

We also do want we call giftables for those who go to convention that are in our Downline. (Downlines are hard to explain, so just go with me here. :-))  This year we had to do 9!

This is what I made this year. I wanted to make something they could use. It is a birthday  reminder calendar.

Here is a view up close. each one used different paper, but had the same design.

and this is what it looks like inside.

So as you can see I had a very busy week,

and I haven’t even told you about making sure DH didn’t fall off the roof,

or the bread making I did. Maybe next time.LOL

Well off to pack. See you after Conference.


Craft Room

This year my DH decided I need a craft room. Now of course I’m not going to argue with the man.  LOL

Now in years past I have had to store my craft supplies where ever I can. Not a very good arrangement, since my stuff is usually upstairs and I have to work downstairs on the kitchen table.

We have a landing upstairs that wasn’t being use for anything, kind of a weird space.  It is now my craft room!

This want it looked like before I took over. I painted the walls. Thank goodness I only had 2 walls to paint this time and they were small. Was done in no time at all.

Here we are setting up. We went to Ikea in Phoenix before we left and brought out all the stuff I would need.

And after we are all done! I am loving it.

This is all the stuff I brought out. I don’t think it is to much, do you? All the stuff that were in the boxes above are now put away and in arm’s reach.

There are card making, knitting and sewing supplies all stored here.  Just need to label boxes, so I don’t have to search so much and it will be perfect. We also put speakers on top of the cabinet so I can listen to my podcast or audio books while I work.

So guess where you will find me most days.

The oldest granddaughter likes it a lot too. Loves playing with Mamma’s card making stuff.

I found this glass jar in town the other day. I’m pretty sure it is an ink well. but I think it works great for my glue. Just need to add ribbon or something to make it prettier.

Haven’t had much time to work on cards since we have been here, but am taking the time this week. Will post what I’m working on later.

Have a great week!


Wednesdays in Colorado

On Wednesdays in Pitkin we have Bunko. I don’t how many of you have played Bunko, but it is a fun and easy game played with dice. It doesn’t involve much thinking and is a great way to socialize with others.

At the other end of town from me is the Newcomb Center. It is the recreation center of Pitkin. It belongs to the town and anyone can use it. We have potlucks, movies, pancake breakfasts, card making  and bunko there.

Every week 2 of the women volunteer to bring snacks, this week was wonderful. Don’t you just want to help yourself?

We meet at 9:30 to talk and catch up and then start playing at 10:00. We had 25 women there this week, Wow!

(Changing tables and getting snacks)

One of the fun things about playing Bunko is there are prizes. You pay a small amount to play, and there are 5 ways to win some money.

I won this week for having the last bunko, yeah!

We also draw for door prizes, (if you don’t win any cash prize). Here are some of the prizes.

So that is my Wednesday mornings, getting to know some great women here in town, and having a lot of fun too.

Well there’s it for now. More later 🙂


Happy 4th of July

Hope you are having a happy and safe 4th!

We are having a quite 4th this year. This is the first time in years we will be on our own for the 4th of July. But before you feel sorry for us let me tell you about our week-end.

Every year on the weekend before the 4th the volunteer fire department in the town we have our cabin in (will be telling you more about Pitkin in up coming posts) has what they call Fireman’s Day. It is usually the Saturday before the 4th. So this year it was on the 3rd. It starts with a parade around town, (It’s only a mile around)
Then later in the day is a potluck, raffle, and dance until very late. Is usually the best party of the year.

Now I’m usually not one for parades, don’t like the crowds and hassle, but I love the Fireman’s parade. Anyone who wants to can be in the parade. If fact they tried to get my husband and I to be in it this year, be since I love watching so much we declined. Some years they get a very small turn-out, some year a big one. This year was a big turn-out. In fact I think there were more people in the parade the watching.LOL

Here are some pictures of the parade, we get a variety of vehicles.

This is the start of the parade. They ended at our house, so you are looking up the main street of town.

This is one of the town’s fire trucks. The kids love throwing candy from the back of the truck.

I guess this little dog rode all the way in his little trailer. He was a hit!

Some of the many cars in the parade. We had new cars,

Motorcycles and 4 wheelers,

Horse and buggies


and even a School Bus.

I think everyone had a great time.

And you have to admit this is the best way to watch a parade, from your own front porch.

We didn’t make the potluck but went to the dance. Had a great time, saw people we haven’t seen forever, and stayed late. Walked home in the dark, can’t do the everywhere. It was a clear night and the stars were just glorious!

We are not going to town for fireworks tonight. It is 30 minutes to town, so by the time we see the fireworks and get home it would be very late ( can’t do that 2 nights in a row LOL), but we did have our own fireworks in our front yard Thursday night while the Kids and grandkids were here. I think that was much more fun.

Well I guess that is all for now. Hope your day was a great one.