Happy 4th of July

Hope you are having a happy and safe 4th!

We are having a quite 4th this year. This is the first time in years we will be on our own for the 4th of July. But before you feel sorry for us let me tell you about our week-end.

Every year on the weekend before the 4th the volunteer fire department in the town we have our cabin in (will be telling you more about Pitkin in up coming posts) has what they call Fireman’s Day. It is usually the Saturday before the 4th. So this year it was on the 3rd. It starts with a parade around town, (It’s only a mile around)
Then later in the day is a potluck, raffle, and dance until very late. Is usually the best party of the year.

Now I’m usually not one for parades, don’t like the crowds and hassle, but I love the Fireman’s parade. Anyone who wants to can be in the parade. If fact they tried to get my husband and I to be in it this year, be since I love watching so much we declined. Some years they get a very small turn-out, some year a big one. This year was a big turn-out. In fact I think there were more people in the parade the watching.LOL

Here are some pictures of the parade, we get a variety of vehicles.

This is the start of the parade. They ended at our house, so you are looking up the main street of town.

This is one of the town’s fire trucks. The kids love throwing candy from the back of the truck.

I guess this little dog rode all the way in his little trailer. He was a hit!

Some of the many cars in the parade. We had new cars,

Motorcycles and 4 wheelers,

Horse and buggies


and even a School Bus.

I think everyone had a great time.

And you have to admit this is the best way to watch a parade, from your own front porch.

We didn’t make the potluck but went to the dance. Had a great time, saw people we haven’t seen forever, and stayed late. Walked home in the dark, can’t do the everywhere. It was a clear night and the stars were just glorious!

We are not going to town for fireworks tonight. It is 30 minutes to town, so by the time we see the fireworks and get home it would be very late ( can’t do that 2 nights in a row LOL), but we did have our own fireworks in our front yard Thursday night while the Kids and grandkids were here. I think that was much more fun.

Well I guess that is all for now. Hope your day was a great one.



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