wow where does the time go?

I can’t believe it has been since Sept. since I last wrote something. Time sure does fly. I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately, so deceided  to do something instead of thinking about it. I joined a on-line class for scrapbookers and bloggers. Now I don’t do much scrapbooking, but isn’t a blog kind of like a scrapbook? I think it is (just not as much work LoL) so I’m going to take the lessons and apply it here.

The first day assignment was to write why we took the class and our goals. Well I think I already answered why, but goals…..

So my goal is to blog more often, Just do it and stop thinking about it. So I won’t promise I will be here everyday ( that might just bore you to tears 🙂 but want to write a least once a week.  I will be writing a lot the next 3 weeks since we get daily prompts in the class, so maybe by the end of 3 weeks it will be a habit. We’ll see.

Here is a picture of where I will blogging.

My desk in my new craft room here in Arizona

More tomorrow,


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