Happy Easter

Hope you had a good Easter. Ours was quite, but nice. We went to hear our Son preach his first Easter Service.   He did a great job! We then had lunch with our son and his family. After that we headed home and had a very relaxing day.

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote last. As I said before, we had 3 of our granddaughters staying with us.  I think I mentioned our daughter and Son-in-law were on a cruise. Well on Wednesday of that week we took the girls to Disneyland. Had a great time! Then on Saturday we meet our DD and DSIL in LA. They picked up the kids and headed home.  Tim and I then  went on the same cruise they had just finished. It was great to just relax after having 3 kids for 8 days. Don’t get me wrong we love having the girls stay with us, I’m just not as young as I use to be. 🙂

Will be telling you more later about the trips. Just wanted to let you know I was still here.


3D Bunny

I have mentioned before that I am a Stampin Up demonstrator. Well once a month we get together to share ideas and connect.

Every month we do a swap. The theme changes each month. This month’s  was any 3D item with a Spring, Easter or Mother Day theme.

Mine started off with these container from Target’s dollar bins.

This is what my desk looked like during the creative process!

And this is what I came up with.

I got the idea for the wheelbarrow here : Kim Score

The idea for the Bunny from here: Kim Score

I made 14 of them! Was a lot of fun.

Will show you what I got in return later.


No Pictures Please

We are watching 3 of your grandkids this week. Our Daughter and Son-in-law are taking a vacation to celebrate turning 30. (wait I’m not old enough for my baby to be 30. I mean they are celebrating turning 29.99999)

Yesterday it was warm here and the girls wanted to go swimming in the pool. Now I personally think it is way to cold to swim in the pool right now, but they are young. Before they went in they had to get nice and hot, so decided to sunbath.

The response when I got the camera out was “no pictures please”

Then on to sunbathing.

Oh and yes they did get in the pool. Not me.


A Pastel Pallet

April 7th’s “Picture Spring” prompt was about pastels. It said: We often seek out bright and boastful colors this time of year (we’ve been fighting the doldrums of winter after all) but spring can also bring the soft, muted tones to soothe our senses and calm our souls.

Now I can’t say I think that much about pastels. I’m more of a bold color person. So I found myself looking at color different today. Found some pastel, but mostly bold colors. Even the plastic easter egg I saw were bold.

I just finished this baby blanket. It’s pastel!

And here is some more pastel for you

(This is a giant tube of M&M’s from the M&M store)

Have a great day!


A Fresh Face

April 6th’s Picture Spring prompt was “A Fresh Face” It said: capture yourself in a self-portrait. Not everyone is comfortable with self-portraits. Just keep in mind there are no rules to this; use a self-timer or a mirror, hold your camera or use a tri-pod, capture a detail of yourself or smile and say cheese if the spirit moves you. This is supposed to be fun!

Now taking pictures of myself is NOT fun. Lately I have noticed that I look really tired in pictures. What is up with that? Do I really look that tired? Do I need a nap? More sun? A new eyeshadow?

Ok enough of that! Here are a couple of pictures I can live with:

Have a great day.


Getting Grounded

No, no one is in trouble. At least not yet today 🙂  April 5th’s prompt was that “Getting Grounded. The prompt said:  Try setting your camera on the ground today to shoot for a whole new (and often surprising) view of the world around you.

Now like I have said before we don’t have that many green plants in AZ. But when we go to the coast to see Tim’s Dad there are plants galore. Tim’s Dad lives in a trailer park by Pismo. When we are there I love to walk around the park and look at the neighbors plants. Some of them sure do love to garden. I have always wanted a green thumb, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Here are a few ground shots I took the last time we were there.

This one was taken through a chin-link fence.

Nice different view isn’t it.


Look Up

April 4th” Picture Spring was called “The Sky is the Limit”. The prompt said: Capture the sky overhead today, whatever the weather. Now when the weather is 85 and sunny there isn’t much to look at in the sky. Maybe a bird or 2, but you could wait all day to see them 🙂    Here is today’s sky:

Now to add some interest, instead of a beautiful blue sky here are some sky pictures I have taken over the last year:


Rainbow in Pitkin

Pelicans on one of our coast trips

A sand storm, going through the desert

and our beutiful sunsets


Wow I didn’t relieze how many sky pictures i had until I started looking for them. Will have to do another post of sky pictures again.

Have a great day! Don’t forget to look up!


March Birthdays

March is a very busy birthday month for us. Tim’s birthday is in March. Our daughter and Son-in-law’s birthday are in March. My Mom’s birthday is too.  So as you can see it could very busy if not impossible if each person had their own party. So our solution is to have everyone’s party on the same day. (makes all our lives easier).

In years past we have had the party at our house around the middle of the month. But this year we all were so busy, (full weekends, Spring break, out of town trips) so we had the party on a weekday at a restaurant. We got it in by the skin of our teeth. (Where did that saying come for anyway, will have to look that up) It was March 31st!

Here are some pictures of the fun:

The whole gang

Having “happy Birthday” sung to them by the waiters

Opening presents

eating ice cream

Eating ice cream can make you thirsty!

And good fun was had by all!


Stepping Out

Bet that got your attention LOL.  April 3rd’s Picture Spring prompt was titled “Step out into Spring”. The prompt said,  Today, grab your camera and from where you’re at take 30 steps (stay inside, go outside, go upstairs, whatever) and take a picture of what you find there.

Here is my picture:

This is a picture of 2 cardinals playing outside our back fence. Now I have to admit that I didn’t take this picture. Tim did. We had the grandkids a couple of weekends ago. They were all playing in the backyard and saw these beautiful birds. Tim grabbed the camera and started shooting. We had a lot of fun watching them. I enjoy these beautiful red birds. We see them around here, but I had never seen one until we moved to AZ.

Now to be fair here is a picture I took:

I walked out the back door, around the side of the house and took this picture looking out to the front. (This is our neighbor’s house).  I love these mountains. Makes the AZ desert not so flat.

Have a great day,



Blogging for Scrapbbookers (prompt 3)

Prompt three for my class was lists.  My first thought was “lists! not more lists”.  I’m a big list person. I make them a lot. If I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.  I can’t go to the grocery store without one. Tim laughs at me because I can go to the store needing only 3 items, but if I don’t write them down the minute I walk into the store I forget them!

This prompt though was to make a list of your favorite things.  Anything.  I like this in other people’s blogs so why not try it here.

But what to list?

Well since I have learned to link (yah)  I though  I would give you a list of my favorite blogs.  I read a lot of blogs, but have noticed there are a few that are my favorites.  Why are these my favorites? I think it is because they share their lives with us. They tell you what is happen to and with them. It isn’t just a craft blog  (look at what I made).  Now don’t get me wrong, I like these type of blogs, I get a lot of great ideas from them, but the ones I can’t wait to read are the personal ones.  I think that is why I write my blog the way I do, I want to share me, not just what I have made (all though I will be sharing more of that too).

Ok now after share all that here are my favorite blogs:

Yarn Harlot: Don’t let the title scare you. She is very funny and loves to Knit.

Attic 24: Lucy is a crocheter. She lives in England and gives a wonder insight to her        corner of the world. She loves color and isn’t afraid to use it.

Karen Russell: Karen started out designing for scrapbooking, but is now more into photography. A great look into their lives.

Pioneer Woman: Ree is very funny and will keep you laughing. I love hearing about ranch life. The link to her archives says: Got an hour? Got 800 hours? Click here to see the entire archive of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman from May 2006 to present. She means it too. I don’t know how she finds time to write as much as she does, but I’m sure glad she does!

Well those are my favorite blogs. hope you check the out.

I also wanted to put a link in to Shimelle’s blog. She is the one I’m taking this class with. She has a lot of good ideas. Check her out.

And since I agree with Karen Russell -A blog post doesn’t feel right without a picture. Enjoy:

(three of our Granddaughters looking at a cardinal in the backyard)


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