Blogging for Scrapbbookers (prompt 3)

Prompt three for my class was lists.  My first thought was “lists! not more lists”.  I’m a big list person. I make them a lot. If I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.  I can’t go to the grocery store without one. Tim laughs at me because I can go to the store needing only 3 items, but if I don’t write them down the minute I walk into the store I forget them!

This prompt though was to make a list of your favorite things.  Anything.  I like this in other people’s blogs so why not try it here.

But what to list?

Well since I have learned to link (yah)  I though  I would give you a list of my favorite blogs.  I read a lot of blogs, but have noticed there are a few that are my favorites.  Why are these my favorites? I think it is because they share their lives with us. They tell you what is happen to and with them. It isn’t just a craft blog  (look at what I made).  Now don’t get me wrong, I like these type of blogs, I get a lot of great ideas from them, but the ones I can’t wait to read are the personal ones.  I think that is why I write my blog the way I do, I want to share me, not just what I have made (all though I will be sharing more of that too).

Ok now after share all that here are my favorite blogs:

Yarn Harlot: Don’t let the title scare you. She is very funny and loves to Knit.

Attic 24: Lucy is a crocheter. She lives in England and gives a wonder insight to her        corner of the world. She loves color and isn’t afraid to use it.

Karen Russell: Karen started out designing for scrapbooking, but is now more into photography. A great look into their lives.

Pioneer Woman: Ree is very funny and will keep you laughing. I love hearing about ranch life. The link to her archives says: Got an hour? Got 800 hours? Click here to see the entire archive of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman from May 2006 to present. She means it too. I don’t know how she finds time to write as much as she does, but I’m sure glad she does!

Well those are my favorite blogs. hope you check the out.

I also wanted to put a link in to Shimelle’s blog. She is the one I’m taking this class with. She has a lot of good ideas. Check her out.

And since I agree with Karen Russell -A blog post doesn’t feel right without a picture. Enjoy:

(three of our Granddaughters looking at a cardinal in the backyard)



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