Stepping Out

Bet that got your attention LOL.  April 3rd’s Picture Spring prompt was titled “Step out into Spring”. The prompt said,  Today, grab your camera and from where you’re at take 30 steps (stay inside, go outside, go upstairs, whatever) and take a picture of what you find there.

Here is my picture:

This is a picture of 2 cardinals playing outside our back fence. Now I have to admit that I didn’t take this picture. Tim did. We had the grandkids a couple of weekends ago. They were all playing in the backyard and saw these beautiful birds. Tim grabbed the camera and started shooting. We had a lot of fun watching them. I enjoy these beautiful red birds. We see them around here, but I had never seen one until we moved to AZ.

Now to be fair here is a picture I took:

I walked out the back door, around the side of the house and took this picture looking out to the front. (This is our neighbor’s house).  I love these mountains. Makes the AZ desert not so flat.

Have a great day,




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