Happy Easter

Hope you had a good Easter. Ours was quite, but nice. We went to hear our Son preach his first Easter Service.   He did a great job! We then had lunch with our son and his family. After that we headed home and had a very relaxing day.

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote last. As I said before, we had 3 of our granddaughters staying with us.  I think I mentioned our daughter and Son-in-law were on a cruise. Well on Wednesday of that week we took the girls to Disneyland. Had a great time! Then on Saturday we meet our DD and DSIL in LA. They picked up the kids and headed home.  Tim and I then  went on the same cruise they had just finished. It was great to just relax after having 3 kids for 8 days. Don’t get me wrong we love having the girls stay with us, I’m just not as young as I use to be. 🙂

Will be telling you more later about the trips. Just wanted to let you know I was still here.


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