Good Morning

April 2nd’s Picture Spring is entitled “Good Morning Sunshine”. The prompt said “How do you begin your day? Capture a vignette of your morning ritual.” Now as I read this prompt I thought, I don’t have a morning ritual. But as I thought about it I realized I do. My ritual as changed over the years. When the kids were home it was getting everyone up and out the door. Now that we are empty-nesters it is a lot more relaxing.

My morning starts with coffee. The first time I do is fill the kettle and get it going. Some mornings I unload the dishwasher as I’m waiting, but not always. Once the water is ready I make Tim french pressed coffee and me tea. Then I head to my chair.

I spend some time here reading emails, web surfing and reading blogs. I use to be really behind on my emails. but once I started this ritual I’m not. It is nice to have only one days worth of emails instead of a week. It use to drive me crazy to be behind. I hate being behind. I usually am, but still drives me crazy. Working on it.

The location of my chair changes with the seasons. The above chair is my winter chair in AZ.

As the weather warms up we like to be outside as much as possible. This is where we sit on the back porch when the weather is warm.

And this is where I sit I the summer in Colorado. (weather permitting. I get a little cranky if it is raining and I can’t go outside.)

Well that is my morning ritual. Hope you weren’t to bored.

Have a great day!




Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I have been sick. I hate being sick. It really messes me up. I hate losing the time. I’m much better now.

Anyway, I am taking some on line classes and one of the places I like a lot is Big Picture Scrapbooking. One of the classes I’m taking is “Picture Spring”.  It is a photo class. Every day for the month of April I get an email prompt of ideas.  I will be sharing these prompts and pictures.

So April 1st prompt was “Beginnings”  This prompt said: Now, use your camera to capture an image that symbolizes the beginning of something–of anything–and let’s begin together in celebration and wonder.

Now in Arizona we don’t have a typical spring. No trees with leaves that fall. Lots of cactus. Now the cactus do have blooms, will try to get pictures of some of these in the next few days.

(This is my back yard. The trees look like this most of the year, no leaves)

In the spring these trees get little yellow flowers on them. That is the way we know spring is here. (that and the 90 degree weather LOL)


Last night when I was cooking dinner, I noticed the beautiful sunset. Just had to stop and grab my camera. This is from my back deck. One of the reasons we bought this house was the awesome views, and sunsets.

We get some of the most beautiful sunsets here in Arizona. Better then any place we have been.

Have a great day!



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