Dinning Room Re-Do

I finally decided to taken my own advice and follow thru with my plans to redo our dinning room/ kitchen. About 10 years ago we remodeled this part of the house, it was a very big job. I loved the addition, but hated the paint and wallpaper we put up. Every year I kept saying I wanted to change it, but never did anything with it. Well this year I finally did something.


This is what it looked like before the remodel.


Stripping the wallpaper. It was a very big job. I had to strip off the top final layer, then use this chemical and take the paper back and glue off. It took me about 2 days to do the whole thing.


What the walls looked like after I was done. (yes I voluntarily did that to the walls. Maybe that is why I put up the wall paper)


One section of the ceiling is vaulted. This is my view from the ladder, painting up there.


And now the finished results. I can’t believe the difference. I love it!!! Need to add a few things like curtains. Will be looking for material for those this winter. ( this is the view from the kitchen.)



This is an office area I set up. Much better the what we had before.


We got the hutch from Tim’s aunt and uncle. I love the old barn wood.


My newly painted beams, this is where I was standing on the ladder to take the “sky” shot. High isn’t it.


My kitchen. Didn’t do much in here, but paint. I need to add curtains here too. And clean off the refrigerator! LOL

Well one thing off my “Just Do It” list. Sure does feel good!!!!

Till next time,