31 days of Creating

This morning I was reading the blog Five Days…Five Ways. She was talking about taking part in a blog challenge on The Nester. The challenge is to pick a subject and write about it for the next 31 days.

Now I have been thinking a lot about blogging more. I have a lot of ideas, just don’t follow thru and write them. This seemed like a good way to get in the habit of blogging. So I’m going to take the challenge and try to write a post a day for the next 31 days.

My subject for the month is Creating
Creating can take many forms, so hopefully I can write about it for 31 day.

Today’s creating is…..
Creating order from chaos. We have just got back from Colorado, so there is a lot of chaos going on. Every year there is a lot going on this time of year. I have tons of boxes to unpack. This year I’m taking the time to re-arrange my craft room before I unpack all the boxes. I’m trying to organize my space to make it easier to find things and use it. I’m also getting rid of a lot of stuff I haven’t use in a long time. I figure if I haven’t used it by now, I probably won’t.

Right now the room is CHAOS! Working on it as much as I can. Hope to great order real soon.

Will keep you posted.

Wish me luck.


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