Creating… Order

Well I did it! Remember I starting this 31 days challenge talking about creating order from chaos. Well I did it. I have finished putting my craft room back in order.

Last year when we returned from Colorado I just throw everything back into the room as we were leaving soon after we got back. Then the holidays came and things got their usual crazy self. So needless to say nothing got put back where it went. It drove me crazy, because it seemed like I had to hunt and search for everything.

Well I wasn’t going to do that this year. Now maybe I went a little over board, but not only did I put stuff back where it went, but I cleaned very cubby and got rid of a lot of stuff. I guess I was in a cleaning mood. If I hadn’t use it in the last year or if it was still here since the last time I did this, out it went!

It feels so good! I feel like I can now sit down and work on a project and not be stressed because I can’t find what I want or need.

This is what the room looked like when I started.

And now…


So much better.

I have a couple of cubbies to do and the closet, but since my goal was the room and cubbies, I think I can put a done stamp on this. Will take my time (a little each day) to do the closet.

Not bad for a week of work.

So what is next the kitchen, bedroom??? Who knows



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