Pitkin Day

Every year on the last Saturday of July we have Pitkin Day. It is a fun day filled with all kinds of activities. It sponsored by the Pitkin Historical Society as a fundraiser. The day starts off with a 2 or 5 mile walk/run. That is a lot harder then it sounds because of the altitude here.

Then there is the kids fishing contest. It is a lot of fun to watch all the kids trying to catch fish. There is a kids fishing pond at the end of town that the town stocks for the event. My granddaughters are usually here and join in the fun. This year the youngest granddaughter didn’t catch anything, but the older 2 did.



Then every year my husband plays in the horseshoe contest. He place 2nd this year.


There is seed spitting, hula hoop and plunger toss contest. (No pictures of this 😦

There is a potluck with meat provided and everyone bring a side dish to share. The line is always long!


After lunch there is a raffle. Always a lot of stuff donated. My eldest granddaughter was the only one to win. She won a pedicure.

After the raffle is time for the egg toss and ballon toss contest. There are different age groups and everyone had a great time!

Alexis catching her egg.

Tim and Rachael catching their eggs.

Alexis catching her balloon.

Michaela catching her balloon.

Megan catching her balloon.

Tim catching his balloon.

There was face painting.


We were suppose to have a tug of war, but it started to pour rain. So we all got under the shelter and had ice cream for all.


Overall fun for everyone.

To top off the weekend there is a melodrama with people from town as the actors. They always do a great job. For the last 2 years Michaela has been the sign girl ( who tells you to boo the villain, sigh for the heroine, etc)


Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Pitkin Day.



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