Halloween card

I figured it was time to finally show some of the cards I make. Lol. No really I decided it was finally time to do some of the card challenges I follow.

This one is from Friday Mash Up. In this challenge they give you a choice between a sketch or a theme, or you can “mash them up” and use both together. I decided to just use the sketch.

I also have a card challenge I do with C3 (my Wednesday morning ladies group). It is the same format, sketch and/or theme.

So I’m doing the Friday Mash Up sketch and the C3 theme, which is make a Halloween card.

Here is the sketch I used:


Here is my card:


The inside


All the supplies I used are from Stampin Up

Thanks Friday Mash Up! Great sketch.


Catch up

I have been AWOL for a few days. LOL. Just busy, but now am going to catch up on my Project 365.

August 10th picture is some of the wild flowers above Pitkin. They are everywhere this year


August 11th is a sign I saw in a store in Salt Lake City. This is so true! If you want to do something don’t wait.


August 12th is a stump we saw four wheeling. Looks like a face!


August 13th is a picture of a truck from the 1920’s. We went to a museum in Gunnison and there were a lot of nice old cars. This one is an early model of today’s Semi-trucks


August 14th is a card I made for our weStamp swap at convention


Today’s is Tim swimming with Sam.


Yeah all caught up!

Just a leaf

I saw this leaf in the parking lot. Loved the shape.



Today the 2 oldest granddaughters and I went and had pedicures. Had a lot of fun!


Christmas card

Today I’m going to share one of my Christmas cards for this year. Every year I make my own cards. I make them through out the year so that I’m not crazy trying to get them done after Thanksgiving. I usually make 4 of the same cards and try to make 2 different designs a month. I’m behind this year, but that is another story LOL. Will hopefully catch up soon.


Front of card



Humming bird

Here is today’s picture. I didn’t take this picture today, but it is such a cool picture I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Every year we have a lot of humming birds in Pitkin. They go crazy over the feeders. Sometimes there are 8-10 trying to get to the food. They are such fun to watch.

Our granddaughter Alexis found this humming bird on the ground by our tree. We weren’t sure what happened to it. It seemed ok just stunned. After showing us the little guy she placed him one of my planters to rest. I guess he was ok because when we went to check on him he was gone.


Back 2 School (pt 2)

Today was part 2 of Back 2 School shopping. Had a lot of fun both days!


Back to School

Back to school shopping today



Not much going on today. Just a lot of knitting and Netflix. (Need to clean my screen lol)


More Project 365

Didn’t post a picture yesterday, was on a road trip. So here is yesterday’s picture.


Not a sign you want to see on a 11-12 hour journey! Got stopped twice.

Today’s picture:


No special reason for this picture. Just playing with the camera. (Need to fix that leak!)