Next stop Bermuda?

After leaving Ft Lauderdale we were suppose to have 2 days at sea then be at Bermuda. Well our second day out we had a announcement that the weather at Bermuda was really bad (winds up to 30 mph) and that we would not be stopping there. So now we have 5 days total at sea and are stopping at Ponta Delgado, Azores. 

We were happy about that because we have stopped there our last 2 crossings and really like it there. 

This time we decided we wanted to see Fire Lake. Not sure why it was called that but it was a very beautiful lake. 


It was foggy on the way up to the lake. We stopped at an outlook and couldn’t see anything. Then we headed down toward the lake and the fog cleared in a matter of minutes. 




From there we went to the hot springs we were at last year. They had done a lot of remodeling since the last time we were there. It was very nice. 


We then went into the small town of Furnace and had a nice lunch and used the Internet.   

Then we headed back toward the ship. The Azores are known for their cows. They make really good cheese there.


Two more days at sea then on to Cork, Ireland 


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