Dublin, Ireland 

The next day we were in Dublin, Ireland.  We didn’t dock until noon, which was nice since we didn’t have to get up early and rush off the ship.

We got a cab from the port into town. The cab dropped us off at the city center. We walked around and got our bearings, the headed to Trinity College, where the Book of Kells  was. The book of Kells is a bible that was made of velum (calfskins) around 800 AD.  They had a great museum that we walked through and then saw the book. Upstairs from the book was a library called the Long Room, with some of the oldest book around. It was a beautiful room! 



After having our lunch in the college cafeteria we walked to the Guinness Factory and saw some of the town 



Once at the Guinness factory, we took the tour. It was interesting and a huge place. There are 7 stories. 

  (Tools used with the barley) 
They had some really cool exhibits from some of their past media ads. 


I think this my favorite one, it was so silly. 

It moved and was fun to watch. 

On the 7th floor was a bar call The Sky Bar and it had 360 degree views of the city. We even saw rainbow 

After the Guinness Factory we walked back into town and found a pub for dinner. We wanted to find a real Irish pub and I think we found it. They had music and even Irish dancing. 


After dinner we got at cab back to the ship. 

Was a great day! Next stop Scotland…..



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