We had one day at sea before we disembarked in Southampton, England. It was cold and rainy most of the day which was OK since we had to pack and get ready to head to Italy. 

Once we were off the ship, Tim had arranged for a car service to pick us up and take us to the airport with a stop in Winchester on the way. 


 The driver was waiting for us with this sign. 😄

Winchester was a very quaint town. There is a famous cathedral there. 







Jane Austen lived in this area and was buried in this church.


There was also a copy of the Gospels written on vellum (calf skins). 

After walking around the cathedral, we walked around some of the town.  

We found the Main Street and saw these cookies in the widow of a bakery.  Just had to smile.

There was a street fair going on, so we walked around looking at the booths. 


Coffee anyone? 

We ran into this character and of course had to taKe a picture with him. I think he was collecting money from the local animal shelter.
Got some lunch from one of the vendors and went back to the car to head to the airport 
After a short flight we were in Bologna, Italy. We have stayed in Bologna the last 3 years. We really like it. It is a great hub city, easy to catch a train and do a day trip to a lot of places. 
These cars were in the airport in Bologna as we were walking out 
After checking in we had dinner and called it a night. 
Next, our week in Bologna ………


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