Bologna, Italy/ day 1

We are spending a week in Bologna. Since we are here for awhile and we had done a lot the week before we decided to take it a little easy our first day here. 
We had a nice leisurely morning and then headed out. Our first stop was the Tim store. Tim is the name of one of the cellular services here in Italy. (Makes it easy to remember lol). We usually get a data plan so we can keep in touch, use the mapping program, look things up, etc.

Bologna is known for a few things, they have the oldest university in the world there (founded in 1088), also these huge twin towers. 


We walked around a bit then headed to the main square for our picnic lunch.

 We had lunch in front of the church. After lunch we went into the church and walked around. Then Tim and I went to a spa and had a nice relaxing time. 

We meet back up with Ron and Patty and headed out to dinner. We went to our favorite place in Bologna, named Ostera Dell’Orso (the bear) This restaurant is different in that they have long tables that fit up to 6 people. So you are usually set next to someone you don’t know. This is fun in that you get to meet people from all over. 
This night we were set next to a couple. (Andrea and Ricky) We got to talking to them and he is Italian and she is from Argentina. They were in Bologna on business. We were telling them about our trip so far. We mentioned that we didn’t have anything planned for 3 days of out trip. Andrea starting asking when we have been, etc and suggested we could come to their area. She said they have a boat that held 6 people and we could go out it. Tim asked if we had to row and we had a good laugh about it.

Andrea showing us how to get somewhere. 


Looking each other up on Facebook 

Our notes lol 

We may head in that direction, so who knows we may see them again. It was a good day .

More later,




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