Bologna day 3 / FlorenceĀ 

We decided to go to Florence for the day. It took 1 3/4 hours on a high speed train. 

We have been to Florence before, but never been in to see the real David, so we decided to do that this time. 
Once we were in Florence we had some time before we were able to go in so we found this museum near the train station. 

It was the Santa Maria Novella.


The architect was awesome. There were some old relics inside also. 
Then we headed toward the center of town. 

     Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flowers               

We found a new place to have lunch called Eatily. It was an interesting place. It was a cross between Whole Foods and a restaurant. We had a great lunch. 
After lunch it was time to head in to see “the” David. Tim and I have seen the copy at Piazza Della Signoria  but never the original. 

When you first walk in there were a lot of old musical instruments 

We didn’t have much time so after a quick look we went to find the David.  

This is your first glimpse of the statue. On the way in there were some statues that weren’t finished. I found it fascinating to see the process. 


Then on to the main attraction šŸ˜„

It was great to see the statue from all sides. The detail was so amazing.

 It is really amazing what Michelangelo could do before he was even 30.

After seeing the David we headed into a long room with examples of plaster models of statutes that were used to show what the statue was to look like once it was carved out. These were works of art themselves,

After seeing a few paintings it was time to meet Ron and Patty at the Piazza Della Signoria. 

This piazza is interesting in that there is so many statues there. It’s a great place to hang out. 



  From there we walked around a bit then headed back to the train and the hotel.

(A beautiful restaurant we pasted)
Next stop Modena and Parma