Cherbourg, France

We stopped at Cherbourg next. Instead of traveling out of the city to see something we decided to stay in the city. (Most everything was very far from the city and we didn’t want to spend most of our time traveling).

We walked from the ship into the town center. We found a tourist center and got a map. Not to far from the info place was a big square with a big fountain and a large theater.

We then wandered done a side street and found a small pastry stand. We bought a baguette, that was still warm. The pastries looked very tempting, but the baguette was wonderful.

We wondered around the city for awhile, just seeing what was there.

We found this really neat shop that we couldn’t resist going into. They had a lot of unique items that were made out of old recycled items. To bad my suitcase is full, I was tempted to buy quite a few things.

We made our way back to the baguette shop and bought another one, then found some cheese, wine and other things for our lunch. Walked back to the square with the fountain and had our picnic.

After lunch we walked some more and found a nice park with a large pond, a tower and a large greenhouse in it.

We then found an umbrella shop. They made the umbrellas there and had a lot of really nice umbrellas.

We then headed back to the ship. It was a great day.

Our next stop is Brugge, Belgium.