We had been to Aruba before, so decided to make it one last beach day. We walked to beach, and found a nice place to sit and have our picnic lunch.  


loved this boat with the pelican on top.


walking along the beach


the gang


After swimming for awhile we started to walk back toward the ship 

like the saying on this sign

We walked by this sign  couldn’t resist taking a picture.  

We found some internet and catch up on emails, before heading back to the ship. 

On the way back to the ship, Tim and I bought new hats. What do you think? 


We have 2 days at sea then back to Ft Lauderdale…..


Here we go again…..

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. We are traveling again so will be posting about that right now. Our first stop was Ft Lauderdale. We spent a few days there. 



View from our hotel 

Then on to the Caribbean for a week.  It was very relaxing

First stop was Grand Cayman. That was a beach day. We got a cab and went to Seven Mile Beach. This was a very beautiful beach. 


After the beach we found some internet and then headed back to the ship. A quite day. 

The next stop was Routan, Honduras. We had not been there before. Walked out of the port area and found a cabbie we hired for the day. He took us to an iguana refuge. It was interesting, and there were iguanas everywhere. 



The driver got some leaves to feed them with. They all went crazy over the leaf. They were climbing over each other to get them. 
    After the iguanas we went to the the other side of the island to West Bay beach where we had lunch and spent the afternoon on the beach. 

After a small tour of the island it was time to go back to the ship. 

Next stop was Cozumel. 
We had 5 of us and we rented a van to take us on a tour around the island. 

We saw a small  Mayan ruin, tequila factor and a reggae bar 



Back to the ship, a day at sea and then to Ft Lauderdale where one set of friends disembarked and more friends joined us (Ron & Patty).