Southampton, England

After 3 nice days at sea we arrived at Southampton, England. We had planned to take a train to Stonehenge, but decided to see if we can get a cab for around the same price. We were lucky and found a guy that was willing to take us, so we were able to go all the way to Bath, England.

Negotiating the cab.

It was raining so we were really glad to be in a cab and not trying to catch trains. On the way we pasted a military base and they were moving tanks around.


We made it to Bath. Bath was a spa town with a hot springs in Roman times. Wealthy Romans would come here to send time in the hot springs.


From Bath we went to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is an interesting place. There are these stones standing in the middle of a field with nothing around them. The interesting part is that they are not really sure why they are there. They were interesting to see. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and really cold when we were there. ( I know, welcome to England, although in England’s defense the few times we have been to London it has been nice and sunny)

I told you there was nothing around Stonehenge. There were sheep grazing right next to the area.

From Stonehenge we went to Salisbury. There was a large cathedral there. Was interesting to look inside. 20140513-192151.jpg20140513-192210.jpg20140513-192235.jpg20140513-192259.jpg
There was a very old clock there.
And some amazing tapestry
Very old graves
This was a knight from the medieval era

After tour the castle we walked around the town a bit.






Tim had fun taking a picture of Ron trying to figure out what a phone booth was.


After looking around for awhile it was time to head back to the ship.


Next stop Le Havre, France and Paris


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