Craft Room

This year my DH decided I need a craft room. Now of course I’m not going to argue with the man.  LOL

Now in years past I have had to store my craft supplies where ever I can. Not a very good arrangement, since my stuff is usually upstairs and I have to work downstairs on the kitchen table.

We have a landing upstairs that wasn’t being use for anything, kind of a weird space.  It is now my craft room!

This want it looked like before I took over. I painted the walls. Thank goodness I only had 2 walls to paint this time and they were small. Was done in no time at all.

Here we are setting up. We went to Ikea in Phoenix before we left and brought out all the stuff I would need.

And after we are all done! I am loving it.

This is all the stuff I brought out. I don’t think it is to much, do you? All the stuff that were in the boxes above are now put away and in arm’s reach.

There are card making, knitting and sewing supplies all stored here.  Just need to label boxes, so I don’t have to search so much and it will be perfect. We also put speakers on top of the cabinet so I can listen to my podcast or audio books while I work.

So guess where you will find me most days.

The oldest granddaughter likes it a lot too. Loves playing with Mamma’s card making stuff.

I found this glass jar in town the other day. I’m pretty sure it is an ink well. but I think it works great for my glue. Just need to add ribbon or something to make it prettier.

Haven’t had much time to work on cards since we have been here, but am taking the time this week. Will post what I’m working on later.

Have a great week!



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