Wednesdays in Colorado

On Wednesdays in Pitkin we have Bunko. I don’t how many of you have played Bunko, but it is a fun and easy game played with dice. It doesn’t involve much thinking and is a great way to socialize with others.

At the other end of town from me is the Newcomb Center. It is the recreation center of Pitkin. It belongs to the town and anyone can use it. We have potlucks, movies, pancake breakfasts, card making  and bunko there.

Every week 2 of the women volunteer to bring snacks, this week was wonderful. Don’t you just want to help yourself?

We meet at 9:30 to talk and catch up and then start playing at 10:00. We had 25 women there this week, Wow!

(Changing tables and getting snacks)

One of the fun things about playing Bunko is there are prizes. You pay a small amount to play, and there are 5 ways to win some money.

I won this week for having the last bunko, yeah!

We also draw for door prizes, (if you don’t win any cash prize). Here are some of the prizes.

So that is my Wednesday mornings, getting to know some great women here in town, and having a lot of fun too.

Well there’s it for now. More later 🙂



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